What differences?

People always ask us;

“What’s it like being in an interracial relationship? and “How do you guys cope with the cultural differences?”

He’s from the Philippines, I’m from New Zealand.

He’s a night owl, I’m tired all the time.

He cringes at my music, I cringe at his.

He has one sister, I have two brothers.

He likes cartoons, I read books.

He washes the dishes with cold water, I use hot.

He is creative and arty, I am not.

I love to cook, he loves to cheer me on from the couch.

He loves marvel films, I love true stories that make me cry.

He loves spicy food, I’m working on it.

He farts a lot, I burp a lot.

I write lists, he goes with the flow.

He worries about the future, I worry about what people think.

He’s introverted, I’m extroverted.

He is sentimental, I throw everything away.

He has expensive taste, I have cheap taste.

He is shy, she is the centre of attention.

He is quietly confident, she is loudly confident.

He concentrates with music on, she concentrates in silence.

He is a visual learner, I am an auditory learner.

He takes forever to make a decision, she is impulsive.

He is patient, she is not.

He loves dogs, she loves cats.

She loves to nap, he goes in to a coma.

He was raised a catholic, she was raised an atheist.

Despite all of these differences, we just simply enjoy each other company. We laugh. All the time. We celebrate each others uniqueness.  We genuinely don’t want to change each other. I annoy him, he annoys me. Seems fair really.  Even though Ivan and I have many differences, we were raised with the same values.  Though we don’t agree on all things, we do agree on most.

We both believe in kindness, putting others before ourselves, being generous, being non judgmental, sharing food, respecting our elders, valuing others opinions, living life to the fullest, loyalty, honesty and giving 110% to everything we do. Though we are different, we are also the same.

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