What its really like to have a boyfriend who loves photography…


First of all, he gets away with liking photos of naked chicks on Instagram because its “art” – 1 point to Ivan! #ladlife

Second of all, I can not hide. I don’t get a warning to “hide the double chin” or “look elegant” – its too late. Shots fired. Literally.

Everything gets documented – hence the featured image for this blog.

Ivan loves documentary styled photography, he loves to capture the moment and capture emotions. He loves to tell a story with this art, and of course, since he spends a lot of his time with me – I tend to become the unwilling subject.  Cleaning, eating, toileting, personal grooming, working, sleeping – you name it, its on file.  He could surely hold me to ransom.

Knowing Ivan and supporting him in his passion has definitely extended my vocabulary. I have become quite familiar with some common photography lingo, such as; instameet, instamission, nice tones, that’s lit, fire bro, great composition, vibes, clean shot, sick work, that’s moody.  Patient: “Nurse could you please look at this wound?” Me: “That’s lit fam”.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not complaining, its actually quite interesting to see yourself in action (It’s almost as bad as hearing yourself talk on the phone *cringe*).  It does however make for great memories.  I am grateful for these tiny moments caught on camera, as raw as they may be.  They remind me to enjoy the little things and that life isn’t about the selfies or the “look I ticked this place off my list today” – its about the precious moments that you could not begin to replicate even if you tried.

Does the camera some times cause arguments? Yes! But you’ll have to wait until another time to hear that story.  There is a but of course….I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it. In a world where we are visually inspired and living through social media, I have a photographer on hand who documents our journey through life and who finds beauty in me & in everyone/everything no matter what the angle.  He has seen it all and still doesn’t run away.  I’m winning.

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