The day I found out I was a bit of a loser.

hobbies blog8
Erin personified; laundry, lists & organizing.

This title might not come as a surprise to some, but it was to me.  I have been struggling with the below topic for a few years now…

Human ask’s Ivan “Hey bro what sort of things are you in to outside of work?”

Ivan replies “Oh I love taking photos, playing basketball, singing, playing the guitar, drawing, exploring new places and watching movies”.

Human asks Erin “What about you Erin, what are your hobbies?”

Erin replies “Oh, like, you know, um, things like, well, there’s a few, I am quite busy, but like, does work count? Oh I love meeting friends! Is that one?”  *scratches head*

Later that day, Erin googles “Is doing the house work a hobby?”. Turns out its a no. Though there are some people that enjoy “house keeping” it doesn’t technically count as a hobby. Heartbroken. So, what the f*** are my hobbies then? Is there something wrong with me?

*Reads a meme/talks to self/does some self love*

“Come on Erin, lets nail this, you’ve got a life outside work, lets break it down, lets write a list, I mean –  no lists, don’t be a loser, just identify your hobbies and passions, it can’t be that hard”

Work day = I work, nap after work (god willing), write a list for the next day, cook dinner, watch some trash TV or a movie, do a bit of cleaning, read memes on Instagram, fluff the pillows on the couch, trim my eyebrows, start to read a book then get side tracked by more memes on Instagram, check work emails, send myself an email of a to do list about work for tomorrow. Surely one of those counts as a hobby, right? Wrong. Still a loser.

Non work day = I sleep in, make a list, do the laundry, clean a bit, catch up with a friend, plan dinners for the week, check my budget is on point, plan my next overseas holiday.

After this analysis and writing a list without even realizing it, I have a light bulb moment….Yes! I’ve nailed it! My hobby is hanging out with people!! I love people. *Googles it* Nope, apparently that’s called having friends and should be relatively normal for most people. Oh, oh okay.

So here I am. Putting myself out there. Creating a hobby. Not because I need one but because I want one. I’ll give anything a shot.  However, I will continue to write lists and organize the shit out of things, I will continue to eat and drink too much, I will continue to clean the house coz damn it’s satisfying to me & I will continue to embrace my inner loser just the way I am.  Peace out.


hobbies blog6
Erin in her element
hobbies blog7
Ivan requested this photo to be added to show off his good looks. I do what i’m told.
hobbies blog5
Erin in her element
hobbies blog
Ivan in his element
hobbies blog2
God hes handsome
hobbies blog3
Ivan in his element
hobbies blog4
Ivan in his element

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