What do two nurses talk about at the dinner table?

Warning. Blog contains shit stories. Please read at your own risk…

Ivan “Did you poo today?”

Erin “Yeah it was mean, quite big”

Ivan “What did we eat yesterday?”

Erin “Lots of veges with dinner”

Ivan “Ahhhhhh that explains the colour then. Hows your dinner babe?”

These types of stories (and worse) are a daily occurrence in our home and we don’t even bat an eyelid. Some say “that’s gross”, others say “that’s bloody gross” and then my nursing friends say “yeah that’s normal”.

Nurses are an unusual breed really. We ruin parties with our stories while the whole time we genuinely think we are making the party better. People ask us things like “how on earth could you do such a job?”.  I guess we all have a different answer to that question. For some of us it’s; nursing is my passion, I love my job, I care about people, I want to help others, the patient’s can’t help it if they shit the bed. For other nurses, the answer may be; I go home and cry, I cope with lots of coffee, I hate it, it pays the bills, it’s a good career to allow for travel, it was a way to get ahead in life.

Though we all have different stories of how and why we become nurses – we are united by one thing. Shit stories. Not just about literal poo but also about sad stories of sickness, death, under-staffing, mean bosses, lazy colleagues, nasty patients, demanding families, annoying doctors and oh so much more! It’s nice to meet other nurses, you feel an instant connection and a split-second approval to not have a filter on your conversations. Its great.

Some of my girlfriends are partnered with people who are not nurse’s and their significant other does not allow for such “nursing talk” in the home as they have a “weak stomach”.  I on the other hand, have a boyfriend who is a nurse. No topic is out-of-bounds for us.  Periods, poos, death, massive rectal blood loss, pussy oozy smelly wounds, body odour, nipple hair, saggy balls. You name it, its been discussed.

We don’t always talk about gross things at dinner, here are some more example’s;

Ivan “My patient passed away today. It was really sad. My heart broke for the family”

Erin “I feel like I didn’t do enough for my patient’s today, am I a bad nurse?”

Ivan “I helped save a mans life today. It’s such a great feeling. I love it when we all pull together and work as a team”

Erin “Have you ever been hit in the face with a saggy set of nut sacks while cleaning the bum?”

So one could say that dinner time in our home is never dull or short of a laugh. I understand him, he understands me. We continue to debate about things regarding nursing and probably always will but overall – we fist pump and continue on for another day.

This blog has not been particularly inspirational & to some could be rather disturbing (but soz its real life). However, I will end with a quote that I can not take any credit for but makes me seem deep and meaningful;

“…the character of the nurse is as important as the knowledge he/she possesses” – Jarvis, 1996

PS one thing that calls for another blog at a later date is the question that gets asked to nurses all the time.  “Why didn’t you become a doctor?”… *rolls eyes* Happy dinner time stories everyone! x

nurse blog

nurse blog2

nurse blog3
Utilising my nipple covers…
Watching me wax….

nurse blog10

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3 thoughts on “What do two nurses talk about at the dinner table?

  1. Do you think that it’s better if your partner is a nurse if you’re a nurse?

    How often do you see each other at home?


    1. Hey Joan 🙂
      It has its advantages and disadvantages for sure. But for me the advantages outway the negatives. We always have something to talk about and we can relate to each other so well.
      I work mainly mon – fri 7am till 5pm and Ivan works all sorts of shifts so there are times that we might just say hi and bye for a few days in a row but we still get a lot of quality time together. We try and work our rosters out together and get two weekends off together a month 🙂
      Hope that helps.


      1. Thanks for the reply Erin! I’m just especially curious if it’s better for couples to have the same profession (not necessarily the nursing profession, could be any) or not, and you answered it very well. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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