Dynamite come’s in small packages.

Disclosure;  All opinions are my own and I will not be held responsible if you get offended. I just watched “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix – blame the show for this blog.

Girl “Does it bother you that Ivan is short?”


Erin “No? We’re both short.”


Girl “I just don’t know if like I could date a short guy ya know?”

Say what?

I’m sorry.  But what?

Girls think that guys are rude and make objectifying comments about woman and their bodies but then we as woman think its okay to judge a guy because of his height? This baffles & concerns me.

Girl talking to friend “I don’t think he’s in to me babe…and I know why too…it’s because I’m fat! He doesn’t know me! There is more to me than my weight! How dare he judge me by my appearance?!?” *eat’s chocolate*


Guy talking to friend “I don’t think she’s in to me bro. It’s probably my height. Chicks like tall guys. Can’t catch a break man.” *scratches balls*

Yes, I know, all woman (including myself) have their own personal tastes and preferences about what they like and don’t like about guys – I totally understand that.  I just get confused that girls get their tits in tangle at guys for being “judgmental” about the way they look, but then girls think its perfectly fine to completely disregard a guy because of his height….(which by the way he didn’t select for himself from a catalogue *gasps*)

Just like our body weight does not define us females, his height does not define him. He’s still a man, he’s still worthy of respect, he’s still strong, he’s still sexy and will be even more confident with the support of a non-judgmental and supportive girlfriend on his arm. Girls seem to think that height = power, manliness, safety, protection, sexiness and all sorts of other things (which for the record I am not disagreeing with).  I a merely saying, that short guys can provide all of these things too.  A man’s height in cm does not equate to how well they treat a woman, or what their morals are like or what sort of character the person has deep down.


What if a guy has everything going for him but hes shorter than you? Are we really taking that in to consideration? Is his height and what other people think of his height actually more important than finding a great guy? I feel like i’m firing shots but sorry BAM BAM its already come out my mouth. There are certain topics that get me a bit fired up and this may be one of them (clearly). Ladies. Can we give the short guy’s a bloody chance please – for heaven’s sake.

Girl talking with friend “Oh he’s so wonderful babe, like, he’s everything i’m looking for.  It’s just that, well, like, he’s quite short. I don’t think i’d be able to wear heels that much and it just looks wrong in public ya know? People might look at us and judge us?”

BAM BAM BAM. Screw what people think.

Ivan and I are both short. Does this bother me? No, not in the slightest. In fact, it has its bonuses.

  1. Our photos look symmetrical & tidy (? slight OCD)
  2. We don’t have to adjust the drivers seat in our cars
  3. I don’t get a sore neck when we kiss
  4. We look effin cute
  5. I have an excuse not to wear high heels  *punches air*
  6. We share household tasks like changing light bulbs because we both can’t reach
  7. Big spoon or little spoon its all the same

Can we all just take a leaf out of Bob’s book (not the leaf you were thinking of) and “Overcome the devils with a thing called love” – Bob Marley.

P.s Big love to all the tall guys out there getting the girls #nohateintended

erin and van in love2

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