Happiness is an inside job.

Life is cool.  It has its seasons.  Things change.  We change.  Body parts get saggier. Friends come and go.  Joints get creaky.  Time seems to go faster.  Dreams become reality. Sometimes they don’t.  Priorities change. Oh the adventure!

I used to love going out, partying, staying up all night, making lots of new friends, eating KFC when hungover etc etc you know the drill.  This “season” ended for me quite some time ago and even though it may have appeared to be raging on the outside gosh it was exhausting.  I’m glad it happened but I’m also glad its done.

Picture this; Works done. The bra is off. The jug is boiling. The dressing gown & slippers are on.  No social commitments. One word. BLISS.

These days, it doesn’t take much to keep me happy. I’m a basic girl and am easily content with the simple things in life.  This girl don’t need no Gucci handbag (says the girl with a Marc Jacobs handbag, which for the record is Ivan’s fault).  Weird things make me happy and no doubt some of my home girls (and boys) out there can relate.

  • Clean sheets with nicely tucked corners. Yes please.
  • A hot water bottle on a cold night
  • Laughing until a little pee comes out
  • Snuggling on the couch with a movie
  • Getting an early night *drool*
  • Having enough left overs for lunch the next day
  • Getting my messy bun right on the first try. Oh hell yes.
  • A listening ear after a bad day
  • Having all the laundry done
  • Knowing you’ve got a handful of people in your life you can depend on

Some people may read this list and say “Shit girl you ain’t living”.  Well you better watch your step coz this girl is content.  When I sit down on my couch after a day of work – I smile.  Life is different. I’m grateful. For the ups.  The downs.  The bad days.  The days of learning.  The stress.  The hurt. The love.  All these moments remind me that I am alive and for me personally I’m stoked about that.

I’m a confessed control freak – always wanting to achieve something and be better and do more and set goals and tick off lists and…you get the picture.  I sometimes wonder that if we didn’t have these little things that kept us happy wouldn’t life be a struggle to keep performing and achieving something that society sees as “great?”  Yes.

While I sit bra less and looking homeless having moments of contentment – I feel empowered.  Empowered to stop putting so much pressure on myself and to enjoy the moment for what it is and what it can provide/teach me.  I have off days, great days, non shower days, babe’n days, productive days, binge days and salad only days.

I walk in the door to a clean house, a cuddle and a question; “How was your day?”, followed by “What are you cooking for dinner honey?” and I smile.  I say to Ivan “I’m tired. Do you mind if we just have eggs on toast for dinner”.  He replies “Yessss!! Sounds amazing, I love your eggs”.  My heart explodes. Life is good.

What small things in life make you happy? Who sets the rules for your happiness anyways? It’s all subjective and that’s the beauty of it.  Each path is unique yet no path is wrong.

Disclaimer; I’ve never had a salad only day. I lied. Sorry.

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