When you gotta go, you gotta go.

I said I wouldn’t do it again. Now I’ve gone it done it again.

Coming up a year ago, I quit my job (annual leave pay out anyone? Yes please) and went travelling for two months.  The first month I was with three of my closest friends and the second month I was with Ivan.  I had an incredible time that first month.  I swam with turtles, saw Ellie Goulding, dodged scooters to remain alive throughout Vietnam, cried my way through Cambodia, got daily facials, drank cheap beer, sweat a lot, ate incredible food and contemplated life.  I was so lucky to have my friends with me – especially when that second $2 beer would kick in and the “man I miss Ivan” stories started coming out.

My friend Katie would say to me “You’ll see him in no time!” which didn’t really feel comforting at the time but I smiled and nodded anyway.  Ivan and I are pretty inseparable so to say that that month apart was hard is a total understatement.  Yes yes I know, a lot of couples do long distance and some people haven’t seen their significant other in months or even years which I can’t even imagine – respect.  But this is my story today k? Thanks.

Facebook Messenger got a total thrashing and I’m pretty sure Ivan got sick of my daily updates.  “Hey babe here’s a photo of a stray dog”.  “Hey babe here’s a photo of the side walk in Hoi An”.  “Hey babe here’s a photo of my lunch”.  I sound a bit crazy writing this down, well the jury’s out – I am.  All chicks are a little crazy, and the ones that say “I’m not crazy like most girls” are probably the ones to watch out for.

We survived that month of course (largely thanks to South East Asia’s great WIFI services *fist pump*).  We reunited in Japan and had the most incredible time.  I didn’t even need to tell Ivan anything about my trip or show him my photo’s because I had already told him and shown him most things.  He’s a patient guy and always replied with total enthusiasm about “the blister on my toe” or “this is the bathroom in our next hotel”.  He’s a dream.  I said to him “That month was so hard! I’ll never do that again without you!”.

When we returned to New Zealand, I was sad it was all over.  I was so grateful for the experience but I wasn’t ready to be back.  I didn’t have a job to keep me busy which didn’t help things and more than ever the desire to travel and see the world was making me restless.

Ivan got home from work one day and I said “Babe. I’m booking a trip. Want to come?”.  The travel we had just done made him even more passionate about photography so he politely declined and told me he was saving for a new camera.  The pussy inside of me would have said “Just wait until he can come too, you remember how hard it was to be apart”, but the independent woman inside of me said “Book it”.

So, I did.  And I’m going. In 7 weeks.  I’ll be on a plane to Europe. Alone. With no friends. No Ivan. Some strangers. Shit WIFI and probably a bit of that in my pants too.  One month.  One girl pretending to be strong.  One lad looking forward to bachelor life.  Love should give us the courage to do the things we didn’t think we were strong enough for, it should never hold us back from pursuing our dreams.

That being said – pray for me.  Oh, and can someone please take over the occasion plate of dinner to the Birkdale area in Auckland? Cheers x




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