We are two everyday humans that go to work, do the chores and wish we could travel the world and get paid for it. (Is that really too much to ask??)

Both registered nurses, both eat way too much, both addicted to coffee, both short with big thighs *fist pump*

Ivan; 30 years old, born in the Philippines, grew up in Baguio City.  Moved to New Zealand in 2009, addicted to photography since the age of 25, loves pork, loves Air Jordan shoes & fast cars.

Erin; 31 years old, born in New Zealand, grew up in Dannevirke.  Moved to Auckland in 2007 to start my nursing career. Loves napping, loves talking shit, loves writing lists and making big plans to travel the world.

He’s got the actual talent, shes got the gift of the gab.  Together, we reckon its a pretty mean combo.

erin van

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